Medieval Times LiF Server

 Server Rules

1) Do not Attack Tournament Field (Lord's Castle) Unless Permitted by Specific Roleplay Event where this kind of attack is Allowed!!


2) Lord's Keeps are bestowed to Champions of Tournaments at Lords Specific will, and are not to be attacked Unless permitted by Specific Roleplay Event where this kind of Attack is Allowed.

3) There are three regions with individually specific gameplay, as follows:

       a) North - Roleplay specific Area all gameplay in this area is governed completely by Roleplay rules and Specific Roleplay events (i.e. Realm wars, tournaments, ect.).

      b) South - Non roleplay specific this area is considered unciviled wilderness and gameplay is governed by Open PVP Rules.

     c) Outlaw Island - This is the only area where Bandit Class can build fortifications and longterm settlements, no law enforcement           can follow and attack this area, except bounty hunters and any parties enlisted by Bounty Hunters looking for specific bandits for

         which they have an open contract for.

4) Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it, Do not ban evade by going on an alternate account.

5) Do Not Impersonate an admin or staff, Do not disturb, interfere, or interrupt admin duties.

6) Inappropriate names will result in a forced change, warnings, or ban, You are responsible for reading these rules, ignorance to them will not prevent you from being punished.

7)Do not dig anywhere near elevation 0 and hit water, if you do this by accident contact GM, or send message through the contact button on this page.

8) Don't use any bug to your advantage or exploit in any way, Testing for exploits is NOT allowed. You will be banned. If you come across something inadvertently, report what you find to an admin directly.

9) Do not do anything to cause major lag to the server, or otherwise make it unstable. Even accidentally, you can be banned, Don't joke about DDoSing the server, or speak of it in any manner that could be taken as a threat. Never talk about DDoS.

10) We have ways of finding out if you are using an alternate account, I would suggest a ban appeal before attempting to circumvent our ban system

11) No building on any mountains, Trenches are allowed as long as they are made with flat-style terraforming, such as flattening downward, upward, and regular flattening. A player must be able to walk out of any point of a trench(you can reinforce trench through fortifications or spikes).

12) Any claim that seems to be making no progress will be removed (if all players are inactive/unreachable), claims made for the sole purpose of expanding your lands will be removed. There is not enough room on the map for one group to have multiple claims.

13) No jumping over walls with horses (in or out of bases), this includes standing on a horse or a player riding a horse, Climbing over walls using items must make sense. You cannot stack people (goomba stomping) to get over walls.(Realistic Physics [Stacking Items]).

14) No swinging weapons through walls,Looting can last no more than 15 minutes. This timer starts after the fighting has ended (all opponents have yielded or have been slain). This timer restarts if they attack you while you are looting.

15) Maximum of one character per account, any extra characters will be deleted. Do not log out during combat, combat is defined as any RP initiation or being shot at. If you crash or disconnect you must return or you will lose your items.

16) No running into water to avoid battle. You can cross a river to get from island to island but you cannot tread water. Go directly from coast to coast.

17) Spam clicking your gate to kill a player is not allowed. You are allowed to open and close it, but the full animations must play out.

18) Yielding does not protect you from death, but it is dishonorable to kill a yielded player.

19) Camping of a base can last no more than 10 minutes, if you cannot kill them or accomplish anything then leave, Looting can last no more than 15 minutes. This timer starts after the fighting has ended (all opponents have yielded or have been slain). This timer restarts if they attack you while you are looting, After a raid you cannot return for 3 hours, unless the raided party counter-attacks, then they inherit the 3 hour timer and you can either attack again to flip the timer or stay passive and they retain it, No attacking new players off your claim unless presented with a threat,  except where these actions are relevant to specific Roleplay.

20) No swinging weapons through walls.